Lesson Plans
CHINA - Sui Dynasty - a part of a unit on the history of China and Chinese dynasties. Below are related handouts and a PowerPoint presentation that I created for the unit:
ARISTOTLE - Democracy and Politics - an introduction lesson on Aristotle's The Politics. Below is a quiz I created as an anticipatory set as well as the handout I also illustrated and created for the lesson (black and white for economic, 1 color printing):
Democracy vs. Republic - a bridge lesson between a unit dealing with the Revolutionary War and the Constitutional Convention. An accompanying PowerPoint used in the class is below:
Literary Analyses
How Then Shall We Live? - per requirements for ABCTE accreditation in the state of Idaho, the following link provides a literary analysis of a volume taught in the Senior High Civics class at Classical Christian Academy, Spring 2012.
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A Rendezvous with Idaho History - Under ABCTE Elementary Education accreditation, the state of Idaho requires another Literary Analysis. The following link provides an analysis for a fourth grade Idaho history textbook. My apologies for being a bit harsh, but my analysis is supported and defended.
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