Seating Arrangement Diagrams
Seating Diagrams - click for some various seating arrangements designed for specific classroom situations.

Bulletin Boards
The following links show a few bulletin board samples created for actual classes:
  • CIVICS CLASS - Biblical Principles - designed for the initial Christian Civics class.
    (118 KB)

  • 19th Century U.S. History - Range Wars - designed with actual barb wire attached to the board to illustrate the creation of the device during the prairie battles.
    (151 KB)

  • CIVICS CLASS - Constitutional Convention - designed to caricature Christy's famous painting of the Convention. A smaller printout of the painting was placed on the wall next to the board with a key identifying the key persons on the canvas and present at the Convention.
    (113 KB)

  • CIVICS CLASS - Animal Farm - this particular design was interactive and corresponded with the story as we read it through the week. On day one the board was placed on the wall with a blank sign. The students, who had read Orwell's Animal Farm shouted out the rules Old Major in the story provides for the farm - I wrote them directly on the sign in magic marker.
    (102 KB)

    CIVICS CLASS - Animal Farm-2 - the next day I placed paper over the "sign" with the rules Snowflake provides the farm as he consolidates the laws of Old Major. As the week progressed, I added more and more rules on fragments of paper, as Napoleon changed the laws in Orwell's story.
    (115 KB)